She Knows How DIY Paintable Kit Subscription

She Knows How DIY Paintable Kit Subscription

 Our DIY Paintable Kit is delivered monthly right to your shopping needed, we supply everything! 


Why are our kits so special?

  • You receive a brand new design every month, but can purchase older designs as well. 
  • Your design is created from  laser cut/engraved wood with attachable pieces, glue, paint, brushes and an idea sheet.
  • Perfect for girls night out, crafty parties or just for yourself. 
  • Additional kits available for purchase for group events.
  • DIY Friendly - Not creative? No worries....we provided step by step instructions and an idea sheet.

Here is a craft tip to get you started - our paint pallets include basic colors. Trying using a tiny bit of red and white to get pink! Use blue and yellow to get shades of green! Use blue and red to get purple...add a tiny bit of white to lighten it up!

We have monthly kits, 3 month kits and add ons. You get to choose! 

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